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Salon: Skin Treatment

Spa Treatment, with Magnetized Micro Bubble (MMB)

Nano-milk bath machine converts tap water into milky white nano microbubble which has high oxygen and moisture through the dual-core patent technology.

MMB Dual-core technology

The new generation of MMB, dual-core technology, produces more anion groups with higher efficiency and better effect. Water molecule becoming nano scale can permeate into pores quickly, exfoliate dead skin, and deeply cleanse the pores.
Besides, it uses magnetization and microbubble technique with higher efficiency to make water molecule smaller, concentration more delicate and flow capacity higher, reaching the effect of energy saving, cleaning deep pores quickly and hydrating skin and hair. View our case examples


Deep Cleansing

  1. Cleasing clogged pores throughly
  2. Removing dead skin
  3. Getting rid of dandruff
  4. Cleaning your body completely

Strengthen Body's immunity

  1. Stabilizing Blood pressure
  2. Enhancing resistence
  3. Revitalizing cell to strengthen body's immunity
  4. Calming your autonomic nerve system
  5. Feeling refreshed


Removing residual chlorine from the water to avoid pores absorbing it and leading to pathological conditions.

Magnetization Energy Moisturization

  1. Boosting metabolism
  2. Increasing the hydration level of skin and hair
  3. Accelerating blood circulation
  4. Slowing down skin aging process

Inspection Certification

Anion 1,236,000/c.c.
Dechlorination Rate more than 95%
Skin Moisturization 74% gained
Blood Flow 41.3% increased
Blood Velocity 41.9% boosted