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Health and Happiness

A great way to love your dog is with food and treats made from pure ingredients you can feel good about!

At Goubing Bakery we have a strong commitment to health and happiness for dogs. That is why all our products are home baked with passion, love and healthy ingredients. 

Biscuits, mini muffins, cupcakes, meat pies, pancakes and personalized birthday cakes are available for order.

Homemade and Nutritious

We do not add salt or sugar or peanut butter to any recipe.

We make our own homemade sunbutter using sunflower seeds and olive oil. Sunbutter looks and tastes like peanut butter. But instead of peanuts, it is made from sunflower seeds and olive oil. 30% lower in fat compared to peanut butter, rich in Vitamin E, free of preservative, nut free, salt free and no added sugar.