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Sit N Stay - 105G

Sit N Stay - 105G

SGD 29.70
Pliable Coat Shaper excellent for shaping and moulding coats into shape.

Product Description

Recommended For:
Excellent for shaping and moulding coats into place such as parts on Lhasas, Shih Tzu, Briards etc. Great also for Terrier furnishings eg. shaping a Westie head and lift to Collie and Sheltie ruffs. Nice also for hand shaping that bitsy unkempt look on a Cairn. Use as a prechalker on legs e.g. Malamutes, Siberians etc.
How to apply:
Apply small amount to fingertips – will initially feel sticky – rub together till warm and the initial stickiness starts to dissipate – then apply to coat, either at the roots for lift or to the mid lengths and trailing to the ends for Terriers.
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